Towards a Higher Energy Blog from The Matrix Research

Welcome to the Matrix Research blog, where we will be studying the science of energy & Hope

Towards a Higher Energy Blog, from The Matrix Research

Weekly Subjects

  1. New Understandings
  2. Higher Growth
  3. What’s Needed
  4. Field Research
  5. Highest Growing Polemics
  6. The Field of the All World

Daily Subjects

  • Energy in our field
  • The New Polemic (Our Paths Justified)
  • What to do in stagnant energy
  • The highest healing field
  • The world as we live it
  • Things inside our world
  • The fields of all time
  • The glowing galactic sensation
  • Articles on truth
  • Storyboard of OMESA
  • The fields of higher healing
  • The world we all settle into

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