On Our Dharma Readings

At Towards a Higher Energy, we see that there are many people who can help us, and in many different ways.

At our dharma institute and profile center, we see what it would be like to gain advise from a Rabbi–then an Imam–then a Christian preacher, all at once.

We tell stories when we need to engage in a higher world, through the dharma profile systems. Stories that will help you specifically with your problem.

We help you learn and listen facts that will help you, all from a different religious system than you ever engaged with in the world. We show that would subtly guide your life line along to a higher good.

Based on the 12 meridian systems–both of planet and of person–these 144 part reading gauge the way you are waking up, and during what parts of the year, with the lung meridian analysis for dharma. We gauge your heart’s central truth, and show you how to better prepare your life to be yourself.

These readings, while scientific, also speak to an interesting possibility: what if you could live the best life possible, through science.


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