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Welcome to the Matrix Research blog, where we will be studying the science of energy & Hope

Towards a Higher Energy Blog, from The Matrix Research

Weekly Subjects

  1. New Understandings
  2. Higher Growth
  3. What’s Needed
  4. Field Research
  5. Highest Growing Polemics
  6. The Field of the All World

Daily Subjects

  • Energy in our field
  • The New Polemic (Our Paths Justified)
  • What to do in stagnant energy
  • The highest healing field
  • The world as we live it
  • Things inside our world
  • The fields of all time
  • The glowing galactic sensation
  • Articles on truth
  • Storyboard of OMESA
  • The fields of higher healing
  • The world we all settle into

On Our Dharma Readings

At Towards a Higher Energy, we see that there are many people who can help us, and in many different ways.

At our dharma institute and profile center, we see what it would be like to gain advise from a Rabbi–then an Imam–then a Christian preacher, all at once.

We tell stories when we need to engage in a higher world, through the dharma profile systems. Stories that will help you specifically with your problem.

We help you learn and listen facts that will help you, all from a different religious system than you ever engaged with in the world. We show that would subtly guide your life line along to a higher good.

Based on the 12 meridian systems–both of planet and of person–these 144 part reading gauge the way you are waking up, and during what parts of the year, with the lung meridian analysis for dharma. We gauge your heart’s central truth, and show you how to better prepare your life to be yourself.

These readings, while scientific, also speak to an interesting possibility: what if you could live the best life possible, through science.

Energy Science Revolution

Your train impacts you–that train you will be taking the first day of your next planned vacation. The lights above your head, the electricity running at your feet, and more.

In the science of the subconscious, we can show reactions to almost every living process happening around us. Physical materials invoke light response, and we can measure the impact of all of them.

In an engaged research strategy, Yoshiaki Omura shows that in patients with cancer, it is not only their food that matters, but their light. He found statistically significant responses in testing our clothing, with those wearing more or less toxic clothing having massive negative results.

Your smart phone, we understand might not be healthful to your brain. But something as small as clothing?

Moreover, the energy of the clothing can be inhibited and modified with energetic enhancement technique, which he demonstrates.

We all think that living in one apartment is likely to be a similar experience to another. Unfortunately, the energy of it matters. Little things like molds and dusts that accumulate throughout time; big things like lighting and fixtures; all matter as they become used by the body. Someone who had a dark propensity, your previous resident, will create a “cursed” place for you to move into; whereas someone with a light propensity, the opposite. Unfortunately, the light of this matters; it can be tested, and it should be known.